DAPIN updates its Occupational Risk Prevention system

DAPIN updates its Occupational Risk Prevention system

As every year, Design and Projects International, C.A. has carried out a review of its Occupational Risk Prevention systems, in compliance with Prevention Law 31/1995 and its subsequent amendments, and in line with our principles of protection of the health and well-being of our employees.

To this end, this month we review our documentation on occupational risk assessment to plan the 2019-2020 annual preventive activity, and update the job risk information sheets.

Both the labor risk information sheets and the emergency measures in the work centers were distributed to all staff to guarantee the awareness and awareness of our employees regarding the forms of action and habits that they must develop or maintain, to prevent potential negative effects on your health as a result of the daily performance of your work activities.

Through this action, together with regular monitoring of the health of our workers and training actions in the area of ​​PRL, DAPIN ensures to provide the most suitable conditions for the performance of the work of its employees, laying the foundations to protect quality of life of our people inside and outside our offices.

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