Company dedicated to engineering services and construction of energy facilities, be it in oil, gas, combined cycles, generation, cogeneration, in an effort to achieve higher quality in the performance of the services it provides, has decided to implement a Management System of Quality based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015, according to the purpose and context of the organization and in line with its strategic direction.

The Management declares its commitment to provide services that satisfy the quality requirements of its clients, the standards, legislation and regulations applicable to the quality and environmental levels established by the company itself.

DAPIN’s vision is summarized in being a recognized and trusted organization in the international market, ensuring the participation of highly qualified and responsible technical personnel, through the development of projects with the best quality standards and under a philosophy of “win- win ”for the company, customers and employees.

The mission consists of supporting our clients in the different engineering phases in their investment projects, from conceptual, basic and detailed engineering to construction, and offering consulting services with high technical and quality content, developed by qualified personnel. following the established calendar.

Along the path covered by the mission, and the achievement of the vision, some values ​​have been defined that determine the culture of the company, the way of working and making decisions and the identification of talent with DAPIN:

Honesty and responsibility in our proposals, in decision-making and in actions.
Innovation in processes and services.
Orientation towards the satisfaction and success of our clients.
Loyalty of our talent.

With this statement, we want to express to all our stakeholders our firm and honest commitment to the continuous improvement of our services, the closeness in our treatment, and the adequate management of talent.

This concept is assumed by all company personnel who are aware of their participation and responsibility to contribute to the monitoring of the Quality certification that we already have and to obtain the Environmental certification, which will appear as a common characteristic in all activities. carried out in the company.

The DAPIN Management establishes as general objectives of its Quality and Environment Policy, the following:

  • Have properly organized and controlled technical, human and administrative resources.
  • Orient the organization and control towards the reduction, elimination and prevention of deficiencies in quality, so that it is a logical consequence of the service provision processes and not that obtained by the rejection of non-conforming services.
  • Maintain a staff of professionals of the highest level and recognition in the industry, in continuous training and recycling, aware of the importance of doing their job well.
  • Satisfy our clients beyond their expectations, offering them personalized attention to their needs, effectiveness, efficiency and guarantee of results in the different actions and agility and commitment in the execution deadlines of the agreed works.
  • Evaluate and improve our costs.
  • Establish the firm commitment that our actions and services comply with the established legal and regulatory requirements, and to strive to be more demanding with these requirements whenever possible.
  • Obtain the recognition of Certifying Bodies.
  • Establish environmental management as a strategic element for the operation of the company.
    Plan our activities in such a way as to ensure the prevention of pollution, guaranteeing the continuous improvement of our environmental behavior.
  • Minimize the environmental impact of our activities with emphasis on waste management following the philosophy of reducing, reusing and recycling our waste and when this is not possible, giving them the final destination that ensures a lower impact on the environment.

The Management ensures that this Quality and Environmental Policy will be maintained, understood and periodically reviewed, communicated to all employees and made available to all interested parties.

Madrid, March 19, 2020

Nelson Oswaldo Pineda De León

Chairman of the Board of Directors