We continue to improve our capabilities to provide advanced service

In 2020 DAPIN continues to invest in its human capital, training it to carry out projects with better quality and in less time, updating its skills to keep up-to-date with advances in engineering software used by our clients. During the month of February we carried out the training in SmartPlant 3D® to three of our […]

DAPIN updates its Occupational Risk Prevention system

As every year, Design and Projects International, C.A. has carried out the review of its Occupational Risk Prevention systems, in compliance with Prevention Law 31/1995 and its subsequent amendments, and in line with our principles of protection of the health and well-being of our employees …

DAPIN issues its Annual Progress Report on the Global Compact

This year DAPIN celebrates 6 consecutive years as an active signatory member of the Global Compact (PM), the largest global network of companies and organizations oriented to corporate social responsibility that seek to harmonize and channel their management in pursuit of the achievement …

DAPIN begins the development of its Compliance System

The criminal liability of companies was born in Spain under the influence of the European Community, in 2010, when this figure was first introduced in the Spanish Penal Code. In 2015 its legal status is consolidated and the implementation of crime prevention models is planned as a way to exempt or mitigate the criminal liability […]

DAPIN celebrates six years of collaboration with UNHCR

This year, DAPIN ratifies a new year of engagement with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the UN Refugee Agency. Millions of people need UNHCR’s help to survive and see their rights protected.

DAPIN registers its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, DAPIN Middle East

Design and Projects International, C.A. ha elegido Abu Dhabi para instalar su sede en Medio Oriente, que estará operativa en 2020 con el objetivo de ganar empuje en esta región. Junto a España, Venezuela…

Start of the “Infinite Children” Program of the DAPIN Foundation

One of the consequences of the serious political, social and economic situation that Venezuela is going through is dropout, which, according to the NGO FUNDAREDES, reached an incredible 78% in 2019. At DAPIN we are witnessing the alarming number of children who drop out of …

DAPIN maintains its operations uninterrupted during the COVID-19 crisis

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, DAPIN has redoubled its efforts by taking all necessary measures to address both the health, production and economic aspects of this situation, ..

First quarter of the “Infinite Children” Program of the DAPIN Foundation

This month we celebrate the first quarter of our “Infinite Children” Program through which we have favored the first 5 children with monthly scholarships equivalent to eight (8) minimum wages, which …