Start of the “Infinite Children” Program of the DAPIN Foundation

Start of the “Infinite Children” Program of the DAPIN Foundation

One of the consequences of the serious political, social and economic situation that Venezuela is going through is dropout, which, according to the NGO FUNDAREDES, reached an incredible 78% in 2019. At DAPIN we are witnessing the alarming number of children who drop out of the school system, mainly due to the inability of their families to feed and dress them properly, as well as to transport them to their schools.

To actively combat this problem, DAPIN launches its action with the first program of its Foundation baptized with the name of “Infinite Children”, recalling the beautiful poem by Venezuelan Andrés Eloy Blanco and inspired by the verse: “when you have a child, you you have the son of the house and the son of the whole street… ”, when you have a son you have all the children of the world.

In January 2020, supported by the Rotary Club, we visited elementary schools and selected children with great potential as students, eager to learn, who have not given up, but who can barely eat and are at risk of dropping out.

After a family and academic evaluation, the children receiving a monthly scholarship equivalent to eight (8) minimum wages are chosen, which constitutes a great contribution for families whose income is a minimum wage per month, or less. With this work, we seek to guarantee a basic maintenance for the children and thus help them continue with their academic development.

All collaborators in this program, including the Rotary and DAPIN team, work on a voluntary basis, so that 100% of the funds raised by the Foundation reach the children’s homes.

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