First quarter of the “Infinite Children” Program of the DAPIN Foundation

First quarter of the “Infinite Children” Program of the DAPIN Foundation

This month we celebrate the first quarter of our “Infinite Children” Program through which we have favored the first 5 children with monthly scholarships equivalent to eight (8) minimum wages, which constitutes a great contribution for families whose income is one salary. minimum per month, or less. With this work, we seek to guarantee basic support for children with great academic potential to help them continue their development.

In this first quarter, we welcomed Fausto Ovispos (9 years old), Kenerth Parima (10 years old), Luis Maita (7 years old), Tommy Vizcaya (8 years old) and Zaireliz Henriquez (10 years old), all of them residents. of the Anzoátegui State, Venezuela.

Along with the collaboration of the excellent Rotary team, this quarter FUNDAPIN has carried out various activities to benefit our children:

February 14th. Dental evaluation of the 5 children in the program by the Rotary companion, Odontologist Zuleima Cova de Curiel. We appreciate your generosity.
26 of February. Pediatric evaluation by the pediatrician Dra. Carmen Diotauti de Marín. Thanks for your big heart.
March 03. Discussion about the values ​​and requirements to keep the FUNDAPIN scholarship, held at the Inmaculada Concepción School with the assistance of the 5 children accompanied by their parents. The activity was led by the clinical psychologist María Gabriela Salazar, in a masterful way who was delighted as the children answer, with a lot of spark
Come with us to save these children, that your company be a “saving company” or yourself, a “savior” or “savior”.

Through a monthly contribution of 50 euros for each child, you will receive your title and the details of the children saved, as well as a direct communication channel with them, if you wish,

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